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“I’m from Pretoria so, volume all the way…”


Leandi is, in her own words, “easy going and chilled”. She is an exquisite thing that is blessed with an all round talent. She heads up our Dusty Rebels and The Bombshell’s team of 40’s and 50’s styling as well as having a particular flair for gent’s cuts, ladies short cuts and ombré. She is also one of our skilled Easi Hair Pro Extension stylists.

A qualified stylist for 8 years now, Leandi may look young (and she is) but she executes her work with the skills of someone older. She enjoys gent’s cuts, colours and big natural looking hair.

She comes from Pretoria originally and has inherited all that that brings with it (the love of big hair?) only, by now, she’s mixed it up with some Cape Town flavour.

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“ Your hair is the most important fashion accessory. If your hair looks good you feel good.”


Salome is creative. She has a wonderful, light nature, and an allround talent but excels in creative colouring, and cutting and she seems to spend all her free time conceptualising new looks and styles for shoot work.

She knows what looks good and how to give it to you. Every hairstyle is for her, a work of art and she works on these masterpieces throughout the day… You don’t have to think, she will do it for you.

“Nothing is more rewarding to me, than showing someone how truly beautiful they can be. I consider myself lucky to be in the industry. I soon realized that Cape Town was the place for me. Having the privilege to work at scar, was a dream come true.”

Salome thrives off competition work. She was Paul Mitchell’s Young Blood Stylist of the Year 2011 and 2012. Paul Mitchell’s The Boys Stylist of the Year 2012. First place in the EOHCB Bridal Section 2012. Winner of the Intercoiffure Foundation Guilliam competition 2013. A member of the Creative Team 2012, 2013 and 2014. Winner of the Goldwell ColorZoom in New Talent category 2013, 2014 and 2015.

I mean really now, she’s good (and clearly likes competition).

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“As I’ve struggled with my own curly hair for years, not understanding what it needed, it is lovely to be able to help those with the same problem to figure it out. With so many options these days, it doesn’t have to be so hard anymore.”


When Jenni is in the salon, you know it. She is one of the most infectiously friendly people. Her laughter and voice are their own layer over our music whenever she’s in the salon.

Jenni is a Wella Master Colourist. She has an unassuming and all round talent that lies in her bones and in her love of hair. Her clientele is testimony to her skills. Jenni is a curl genius – anyone with curly hair knows what this means. Cutting curls is its own skill. She also happens to be a bride’s dream with weddings and upstyling being one of her favourites.

A big fan of our free consultations, Jenni has all the knowledge you need to feel like someone has your hair covered (also, she has a large clientele with really good hair, which is key).

She started at scar in 2008 as an apprentice, where she worked under co-owner of scar, Andrew Guilfoyle, and quickly became a stylist. Most recently she was scar’s winner of an in house competition featured in the Hairdressers Journal and her look was chosen by scar for our latest billboard.

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“I've noticed that a lot of people really have no idea of what they ware wanting when they sit down, don't be afraid to come in and have a FREE CONSULTATION with one of us beforehand. That is what we do. Your hair is a big part of you - give it the time it deserves.”


Besides being the exquisite face of our recent billboard and The Lake Magazine scar ad, Mariaan is fast becoming a little genius in the hair department. She is young and she knows it. Mariaan compensates for this fact by educating and pushing herself wherever she can (she's also won a fair amount of our in salon competitions just to drive that point home)!

She is a quiet, softly spoken individual with an unexpected eye that seems to fast be developing into an extraordinary one... She may be seemingly unaware while nodding her head 'yes' while you speak but be assured, she is listening to you and she is thinking about how to get you want you want. She enjoys creative work, excels in creative and experimental colours and loves working on colour reductions and highlights. Blondes are her thing and she loves a challenge. She is also fast becoming an up styling pro with a special flair for shoot and show work, heads of curls and is also a firm believer in the Evolution Keratin Treatments.

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“Hairspray is so underrated. The higher the hair, the closer to God. Always be yourself (but a little more ghetto) and always remember, your hair should be like your bum, a little bit bigger, a little bit fuller, but still firm as f**k!
(you can edit the f word out hahahahahaha)”


Brittny is an extremely skilled stylist. She is especially good with long hair and simply knows how to ‘work it’ . Come to her when you need to look drop dead gorgeous – so yes, come everyday.

Blow waving and styling are her forté but she is a very experienced all round stylist with an actual personality and the ability to handle even the fussiest client. Brittny is also a favourite for highlights, colour reductions (going from dark to light) and is one of our skilled Easi Hair Pro Extension stylists.

Brittny has 12 years experience, and it shows.

A solid stylist with special colour skills and a good understanding of what clients want, Brittny is able to deliver and she does, daily.

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“Life is not always perfect but your hair can be. Hairstyles bring colour into the world...”


Shanon is fast becoming a little colouring genius. Her blondes are exquisite and she seems to be growing her colour clientele rapidly.

Shan came to us from Durban and this may have something to do with the pleasant and chilled vibe she has... She is easy to talk to with an infectious laugh (appears to be happy all the time) and has a lovely manner about her which makes one feel understood - a handy gift in this trade. Shanon is straight forward and easy to talk with as well as being naturally talented and skilled.

She loves doing blondes and big colour changes, balayage and ombrés as well as colour reductionswhich require a special skill and patience. Cutting long hair as well as curling hair are also favourites of hers along with Brazilian and Evolution treatments.

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“Natural hair is amazing, without the heat styling, we just need good advice on how to do this but it is possible. If you find a stylist you love, stick with them but always communicate and air your likes and dislikes. Good hair costs money, it’s unfortunate but very true, so don’t think a groupon voucher for some Brazilian is a good idea, because you’re probably going to come crying to us, regretting your decision.”

There you have it.


Verushka has a clientel of people with very good hair. They all have a clearly thought out and delivered ‘look’ and this includes men women and children. She is known for her cuts but she really excels in every area. Vee cuts shapes, not hair.

She’s a Wella Master Colourist and also one of scar’s Easi Hair Pro stylists. She colours like someone with a cool plan – and then it turns out better.

She’s on Good Hope FM every Monday, educating the public about hair and the possibilities and options one has for easy maintenance. Verushka learnt with her own disastrous (her word) hair that it is possible to manage and style hair. She is keen to now assist and pass on what she’s learnt.

“The main element of our industry is making people look and feel good, that accomplishment on a daily bases is the best reward.”

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“Keep your hair clean. Wash it when its dirty. Wear it loose if its long. Use conditioner. Bring pictures when coming for a hair service. Be open and honest with your hairstylist (about your hair lol).”


Carlos is probably the most likeable person we had (n)ever met! He takes his work extremely seriously, but with the most relaxed manner and offbeat humour. I am to mention that he is straight. And cycling is his other life. (Do those two things cancel each other out? I should tell him…)

He also happens to be a very versatile and busy stylist with all round expertise and a special gift with kids and Evolution treatments. It may be because he actually cares about your hair; but he knows what it needs.

Apart from being very good under pressure, very reliable and extremely talented at what he does, Carlos is also a wonderful guy. It’s obvious and very cool.

He has an interesting sense of humour and is incredibly knowledgeable about hair (literally, because he likes it).

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“Love your hair! Treat it well and it will be your crowning glory!”


We have watched Joanne become one of the most level headed, focused and astounding hair stylists. She is a Wella Master Colourist and an upstyling genius. (She handled the Design Indaba Shows like a queen for 3 years.)

Come to her for a make over. The changes she has conceptualized and created for clients are forreal. Jo can cut, colour, create, she can do anything and handle anything and she does, most days.

Joanne has been with scar since 2009. She trained and first worked in Natal – also where scar owners originate from. She is family.

She also knows how to read hair and believes first and foremost in the health of that hair. Read: She believes in not compromising the integrity (her words) of your hair for a colour but rather, in doing that colour properly, which may mean slowly.

She’s a very experienced and versatile hair stylist with almost unassuming talent.

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“If you treat your hair with care and use the products that your hair needs your life will be a lot less complicated.”


Ninette has a very relaxing manner - she can handle anything and she does, daily.
A(nother) wonderful thing about her - besides her infectious personality and general air of calm - is that she is very honest and will be blunt about how she feels about something. To add to this; Ninette has actual taste and therefore she has actual ideas. It´s a very handy thing when this is the person working on your head...

With her own head of beautiful curls Ninette is one of our expert curl stylists. Cutting curls is an art of its own - anyone with them knows this - Ninette actually enjoys the challenge of curls. She also enjoys the challenge of flattening them and would go so far as to request those 'curl to straight' blow waves that breeze through the door every so often.

Ninette also has flair with gents cuts. Her expert fades and cutting can be relied upon and her fast growing well groomed male clientele is testimony to this.

While truly excelling in all areas Ninette also really loves styling and is able to whip up an exquisite style with her eyes closed (imagine when she opens them).

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