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Ladies cut and blow R 380
Restyle and blow R 430
Ladies cut only R 340
Engineered cut R 800
Gents cut R 260
Clipper cut R 180
Boys under 12 years R 170
Girls under 12 years R 310
Short hair R 220
Medium to long hair R 280
Very long / thick hair R 320
Up-style R 450
Flat iron only R 210
Bridal – in salon (30mins for consultation) R 640
Bridal – on location Price on Request
Scar customised styling workshops (1 hr) Price on Request
Label M Peppermint 10ml R 115
Wella Post Colour 10ml R 135
Nioxin Derma Renew Therapy Dermabrasion R 540
Nioxin Diaboost Blow Out Treatment R 360
SP Express Treatment R 220
SP Intense Treatment – Mask R 420
SP Intense Treatment – Emulsion R 460
SP Luxury Treatment R 510
SP Molecular Hair Refilling R 260
SP Colour Lock R 420
SP Express Keratin Restore R 420
SP Intense Keratin Restore R 510
L'anza Emergency Treatment Part A + Part B R 390
L'anza Trauma Treatment R 270
Keven Murphy Experience R 360
Kevin Murphy Treatment + Cruet R 490
Evolution Keratin Treatment / Agave Treatment Formaldehyde free
  With Drops Without Drops
For first 10ml R 490 R 440
For every 10ml thereafter R 370 R 370
Brazilian Blowout 
Smoothing Treatment for first 10ml R 670
Smoothing Treatment for every 10ml thereafter R 610
Split End Correction 3ml R 370
Evox Treatment
5ml R 860
10ml R 1 630
15ml R 2 400
Group Evox Treatment Package
Buy 3 x Evox Treatments (minimum 5ml each) from R 2 580 and receive a free LiquidPlasma

B3 Treatment
Bondbuilder for every 10ml colour R 115
Stand Alone in-salon Treatement per 10ml R 370
Bondbuilder + decolourizer for first 3.5ml From R 370
Bondbuilder + decolourizer for every 3.5ml thereafter From R 170
Demi Permanent Conditioner 10ml + Oil 1ml R 590
Demi Permanent Conditioner 10ml + Oil 2ml R 620
Demi Permanent Conditioner 20ml + Oil 2ml R 770
Demi Permanent Conditioner 20ml + Oil 4ml R 810
Per Item From R 390

The thickness, porosity and general condition of your hair has a huge part to play in your appointment and specifically in terms of colour, it can affect the service, the timing of the appointment and obviously, the quote. Take advantage of our free consultations as a time to get ideas and clarity from our stylists.

  KP/Davines CT/Illumina/Innosense
Hairline up to 12ml R 230 R 265
Roots up to 25ml R 470 R 550
Short hair up to 35ml R 580 R 680
Medium hair up to 45ml R 770 R 910
Long hair up to 60ml R 930 R 1 100
Thereafter per 10ml R 155 R 175
Half head Roots From R 630
Half head Full Length From R 900
Full head Roots From R 880
Full head Full Length From R1 200
  KP CT/Illumina/Innosense
Half head up to 20ml R 330 R 380
Full head up to 35ml R 430 R 505
Per Foil
Short From R 105
Medium From R 115
Long From R 135
Colour per 10ml R 140
Prepare per 10ml R 70
Colour Reduction
Colour Reduction (excl. Olaplex & Toner) From R 2 040
Roots (excl. Olaplex & Toner) From R 710
Full head (excl. Olaplex & Toner) From R 1 020
Ombre From R 1 240
Balayage From R 1 540
Crystal Clear
Per 10ml R 160
Per 10ml R 140
Per 10ml R 130
Precisoin Blend mens colour
10ml R 210
15ml R 285
20ml R 360
Crazy Colour
Retail R 180
Application From R 190
Illumina Glossing
10ml/10ml/10ml total of 30ml R 360
15ml/15ml/15ml total of 45ml R 450
20ml/20ml/20ml total of 60ml R 540
Instamatic Colour
Per 5 ml R 135
Per 10 ml R 210
EasiHair Pro Extensions
12″ EasiLengths per box R 1 700
16″ EasiLengths per box R 2 860
20″ EasiLengths per box R 3 390
16″ Fashion Colours per box R 1 020
Initial Application per box R 690
Removing, re-taping & re-application per box R 890